See You After the Election

See You After the Election

The state of social media lately, between Covid-19 and the upcoming presidential election, has been quite a shit show and frankly I do not mind sitting it out for the time being. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have been revolutionary in allowing everybody a platform to share their ideas and communicate freely with others and it can be an amazing tool. But it can also be a very negative place for people to attack other for their thoughts and view and a place for people to share and view false information. And in the time of the election between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden and the current situation due to the pandemic of Covid-19 the social media landscape has been more negative than ever. Anybody who shares their views on politics is met with tons of comments from people who are extremely polarized towards both sides of the political aisle. It seems that the only people who want to comment on anything nowadays is extremely liberal or outrageously conservative and there is nobody anywhere in between. You cannot post anything about the president without his cheerleaders duking it out with his naysayers in the comment section and it is getting so bad that I have stayed away from social media altogether for the last few weeks. And since people have politicized the Covid-19 pandemic the same thing happens anytime somebody mentions anything about the disease or anything related to it. Somebody could post that they hope everyone remains safe and healthy and the comment section will immediately turn into a full out brawl between those who believe that the disease is completely fake and therefore everything anybody else does to try and safeguard themselves and the community against it is a complete scam, and the other side of the fight where people think that we need to completely shut down the entire country and everyone needs to wear a hazmat suit when they leave the house until the disease has been completely been eradicated. And of course there is no room for anybody to have any opinion that falls somewhere in the middle of those two sides.

So until after the election I will not be posting to social media and I hope after that it will start to return to normal again. There will still be those people who like to post political comments regularly but I can block or unfollow most of them and simply ignore the rest. And I think that the Coronavirus situation will also start to calm down too. In fact I think it already has for the most part as people are simply dealing with the mandates and learned to just wear a mask when they go out and it has become a way of life for the time being. Yes there are still those who think they need to share their opinion about how it is unconstitutional for us to be forced to wear masks and how they don’t do anything against the Coronavirus anyways but I think at this point everyone has realized they are just beating a dead horse and everyone already has formed their opinion. They are just talking to a wall at this point when they say stuff like that and I think they have started to realize. So hopfeully in a few weeks when the election is over and the president has been decided social media will be restored to its former non-glory and I will be able to make my triumphant return!

See you in December Facebook!

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