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The following is a list of websites that Jared Connell owns and operates.

Jared Connell.com – Site that gives more information on Jared and his various projects.

Jared Connell’s Blog – Jared’s personal blog.

Dog Breed Training Guide – A breed specific training guide for dogs.

Basenji Dog Breed Training Guide – A training guide written specifically for the basenji dog breed.

Pitbull Training Guide – Specialized training guide for pitbulls.

Bulldog Training Guide – Training guide book for bulldogs.

Chihuahua Training Guide – A training guide specially written for chihuahuas.

Dog News Blog – News blog for dog related items.

Visitors Guide Las Vegas – A guide to Las Vegas for tourists and other travelers to Sin City.

Las Vegas News – A news site that gives all the latest news and events in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas Wiki – Wiki style site of all things related to Las Vegas.

Bachelor Party Visitors Guide Las Vegas – Visitors guide for those seeking to have an outrageously great bachelor party or another type of guy’s vacation in Las Vegas.

Wedding Visitors Guide Las Vegas – A guide for couples planning their wedding in Las Vegas.

Family Vacation Visitors Guide Las Vegas – An in-depth guide for those wishing to have a nice wholesome family-friendly vacation in Las Vegas.

Honeymoon Visitors Guide Las Vegas – Information for those who want to visit Las Vegas for their honeymoon.

Tesla Buyers Guide – For those looking to buy a new or pre-owned Tesla vehicle, this comprehensive guide will teach everything you need to know before you buy as well as after the purchase.

Everything Elon – Everything you ever wanted to know about Elon Musk, the man who brought us Tesla, Space X, The Boring Company, Hyperloop, Neuralink, as well as PayPal and more.

Tesla Toys – Accessories and aftermarket parts for all models of Tesla vehicles.  From floor mats and key holders to body kits and suspension systems, Tesla Toys has it all.

Tesla News – News and up to date information about Tesla the company, their vehicles, their solar and battery products, and everything else Tesla related.

Adjustable Height Suspension Systems – Kits and parts for air ride, hydraulics, coil-over, and other adjustable height suspension systems as well as information, comparisons, reviews, installation  tips, and more.

Dude Reviews and News – News and reviews for all things that guys like, like the hottest gadgets, cars, trucks, boats, and babes.

Electric Vehicle Blog – News, reviews, previews, thoughts, and other information on electric cars, electric car conversions, how-to guides, and much more.


Mr Robot Theories – Theories and thoughts about the hit TV show Mr. Robot.  My personal thoughts and ideas about what is going on in the show, what is intended and meant by the subtle things going on in the show.