Jared’s Clients

Internet Scientist

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Throughout the years, Jared has worked on many, many sites.  Here are a select few.  Please note that some of are no longer hosted online and are linked through the internet archive (at archive.org) so they do not look and work as the originally did.  This is just to list them for historical purposes, not to exactly show how they once looked.


DestinyGurus.com – Professional gamers offering services for the hit game Destiny, including raids, carries, leveling up, exotic quests, and more.


StonersOnly.com – Stoners Only is an online community for the 420 community.  Its where marijuana lovers find love.


NVAccident.com – A law firm web site for lawyer Jeffrey Andrews.


SinCityCrossfit.com – Crossfit gym in Las Vegas, Nevada.


BigPictureCo.com – Audio/Video company specializing in video walls and home theaters.


BCCottonWood.com – New housing community in Boulder City, Nevada.