Jared’s Apps

Internet Scientist

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The Game

The app that started it all.  A creation of Jared and a few friends became his very first computer program that he ever produced.  It was ingeniously named ‘The Game’ and featured very primitive gameplay and graphics but it was in the early 90’s and computer technology was primitive itself.

Multi Spinner

Used for creating many different versions of text from the same source that can be used for web sites, publications, promotions, dummy text and other copy.  It allows you to vary the amount of files created and analyzes the amount of difference from each other as well as other facts like word count and character count.

SpyBox Control Software

In cooperation with an Italian hardware designer and manufacturer Paolo, Jared created a software program that provided a graphical user interface for Paolo’s SpyBox hardware which was a device that was made to be plugged into a person’s phone line and record all calls that were made on the line.

Hungry Hungry Bulldog


Another first was the game Hungry Hungry Bulldog that was Jared’s first attempt at getting a game into the Apple App Store for iPhones and other iOS devices.  Created in 2010 it featured simple but fun gameplay with professionally drawn graphics that were inspired by Jared’s real life pet Bulldog of the time.  There are plans to re-release this game in the future if the source and graphics files can be recovered.