New Website Launch

New Website Launch

Welcome to the launch of the newest version of my web site! My website will feature links to all my past, present, and future projects that I am working on as well as contact information and links to all my social media and much more. Basically my web site will allow me to communicate with the internet and share everything from all platforms all in one place.

I recently reset my web hosting service to start all my sites over again so I could have a fresh start for them. I had started so many projects that they were all half finished and I had to rethink my strategy and figured it would be best to start everything over from scratch with a better plan this time around. When I started all my current sites originally I was not sure what I wanted them to be exactly and how I was going to market them and monetize them as well as what exactly the content would be. In addition this was quite some time ago and since then the world, including myself, has gone through a lot and a lot has changed. That means that the way I do business and the information that is included on my sites was to change considerably. It is because of this that I decided it best that I simply start over anew.

So that is why this is the first post on my new website even though I have owned this domain name for quite some time. It has gone through many changes through the years and will continue to change as time passes and this is just one of many forms this site will take.

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